A Little Wild & A Little Strange

A little wild and a little strange… There’s a lot rolled into this little tag line. The first layer of the meaning of this tag line is the face value. We are actually sometimes a LOT wild and a LOT strange (the 5 year old is learning Swedish with his daddy for no real reason in particular, the *almost* 3 year old runs around screaming HA-LE-LU-YAH, the baby is just wild, and there’s too much to type about Dad and Me… but check out @OscarsHead on Instagram for a glimpse into my husband’s hobby) Three boys in the house makes for a little bit of lots of things, but we have no shortage of “wild” and “strange” around here.

A favorite of @OscarsHead

If you sang that tag line, then you probably get me. We are 90’s kids. Nickelodeon kids. Hey Dude kids. “Older” millennials. I recently did a training on strategies for teaching millennials in a college classroom. I don’t think that the creators of the training intended for actual millennials to take the course. It was very meta. I learned a lot about my learning style and study habits. I’ve thrown that word around a lot already (3 times in this paragraph – easy to count, because apparently “millennials” isn’t in the official dictionary of typing on the internet so it’s underlined for me) but what does it even mean? To people older than us, it sometimes means “entitled and no attention span.” To me, it means “not afraid to click that button even though I’m not sure what it does.” In any case, my love of Hey Dude represents that I grew up when the internet was juuuuust starting to get into every home, and my first phone did not take pictures or send unlimited texts. I love me some technology, but still appreciate a good old bike ride.

Big Boy enjoying a bike ride. He says he invented that trick.

I sang that tag line.  I get that from my dad.  We sang a LOT in my house growing up, but not really like sitting around singing whole songs.  More the kind of singing where if somebody says, “Man, it’s really hot in here!” then naturally, there’s only one response.  But we’ll leave that to Nelly. My husband on the other hand always has a song to sing – the whole song kind. I usually don’t mind this and actually kind of enjoy it, except when we’re going on day 27 of the same song.

My mind is like a wild ride. I am one of those “scatterbrained” individuals that rarely finishes project A before heading over to project C for a minute (I had to skip project B because I forgot a few of the things I needed at the store!) I generally finish things when it’s necessary (read: at the last minute) which drives my husband nuts because he generally finishes things when he finds out they need to be done (read: way before they’re on my radar). This blog will almost certainly reflect that. I’ll finish one blog post before I start another, but be prepared to read a new fav Whole 30 recipe one day, and see a DIY project the next!

I hope you’ll join me as I pour out some of the “wild and strange” from our family into this blog. We have enough to go around.




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